Wife Caught Masterbating with Hubby’s Mags

Caught masterbating with magazines

They’re Horny and They’re Home Alone!
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Oh dear. It looks like wifey has discovered her husband’s secret stash of dirty magazines. She’s in for a shock when she calls him on it, however, since he’s got some evidence of his own to present, thanks to the spy cam he’s installed in his home office. Imagine her surprise when she discovers she’s been caught masturbating over his mags! And imagine how appalled she’d be if she ever found out he’s made the footage of her private twat tickling session public for us watcher types to beat off to! You’ll definitely want to review this highly erotic tape of a snooping wife bringing herself to a screaming climax at hubby’s desk. It’s what you might call ‘hard’ evidence!

Date: Saturday, 1. July 2017 21:04
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